Booking a course is easy – Our cooking classes are given ON DEMAND and to book a course write to us HERE or call us on +33 777 234 157.

The courses are given on demand and we need a minimum of 4 participants to run a course.  Often there are already courses booked that you can join.  If not, we could perhaps run a private course for you.

Simply tell us your options and we’ll suggest ways to make it possible.

Classes start at  9.30am, we cook until 1pm and then sit down for lunch. Lunch takes 1-2 hours, and depending on available space, it may be possible to invite a non-participant to join us for lunch (this costs €40 per person, including wine).

The number of participants is limited to 8.

A deposit of 50 € guarantees your place on a course – ring or write to us and we’ll furnish payment details on request.

CANCELLATIONS..  In case you need to cancel we will refund you the deposit up to 15 days ahead, or later if a replacement participant can be found.

In case WE must cancel a course, for whatever reason, you will of course receive a full refund.  Should this be the case, we will give the maximum possible notice.

French cookery school Le Pistou Uzes Provence